We take great pride in providing renovation services for returning customers and new clients, year after year.  The right blend of excellent customer service, use of quality materials, and fair prices, have allowed us to keep and attract new customers.


all services completed and performed by experienced handyman technicians at a fair prices.



What is a FREE ESTIMATE? How does it work?


Before you agree to a free service estimate, make sure you know what the company considers “free.”

Does that no-cost bid have a hidden price tag?

When a company visits a house or business to do an estimate, some add a trip charge to cover their fuel and vehicle expenses. Service providers might charge for an estimate if you decide not to hire them. While other contractors have a fee for providing a detailed bid that includes a line-by-line breakdown of the work.

Heavenly Handyman Services LLC, we say FREE ESTIMATE, because we build our customers based on the quality services we provide, so what we say is what we mean. We honor everything we say.

So after receiving the estimate, it’s on the customer whether or not he or she wants to choose to let us do the job; however, after the initial FREE ESTIMATE, customers always choose us because our estimates are usually with their budget.  

Understand legitimate charges

Some companies do have reasons for when they charge for an estimate. However, they should explain this up front. For instance, a company may only offer FREE ESTIMATES for large jobs. Also, verify if you’re getting an estimate or an inspection. Most contractors consider these two different things.

Ask what work the estimate includes

Know what to expect when you ask for a free estimate, and if you’ll receive it on the spot or another date. Do you want a number scribbled on a piece of paper, or do you want a line-by-line breakdown of your project’s cost?

It's good practice to get three estimates and ask the companies what their estimates entail and how they plan to deliver the estimates. An estimate from Heavenly Handyman Services LLC includes a line-by-line breakdown of expected costs for labor and materials, we go that extra mile for our customers, and either drop it off at the customer’s home and for business properties we do the same or emails it.

 How do handyman and specialists of choice differ?

A handyman or handywoman is a skilled “jack of all trades” who can complete a wide range of repairs or home improvement jobs.

A handyman, or handyman service, usually charges clients a flat rate some will charge hourly rates, plus material costs, regardless of the task. Many homeowners and businesses compile a list of repairs and hire a handyman to complete the list in a single visit.

The term “handyman” is loosely defined. Some are self-trained, while others have formal training in various aspects of construction and home repair. A home and office handyman might specialize in a few types of home or business maintenance, such as painting, carpentry, or tiling, while others may have additional skills such as plumbing and electrical expertise.

There's no national standard or regulation for handymen. Licensing and regulation vary by state. Virginia, DC, and MD, for example, require handymen who work for a profit to register with the state and carry insurance. California requires handymen to carry a license from the State Contractors License Board to work on any project that exceeds $500 in labor and material costs. Find out before you hire the handyman if he or she has the skills needed to complete your project and has proper License.

Do you need a handyman or contractor?

The scope of the job and level of skill required to complete it should determine whether you hire a handyman or contractor.

A handyman is the best option for a small to large or complicated projects that could take a long time for you to complete and require the help of multiple workers. You should turn to a handyman, who is the Jack-Of-All-Trades and is licensed in that trade. If an unlicensed person does plumbing or electrical work, you have no guarantee that the work has been done to code, which could affect your homeowners insurance policy or any claim related to the work. Use a contractor or specialist for remodeling work, room additions and projects that require heavy-duty equipment or licensed professionals like electricians. Heavenly Handyman Services LLC’s tradesmen are licensed in all areas of the handyman workmanship.  Also, we can provide you with that specialist for extreme large plumbing and electrical job by subcontracting a specialist that will give you the specialized estimate and complete the task up to code for you.

Why hire Heavenly Handyman Services LLC?

You’ve got an ever increasing to-do list of home improvements like changing out a bathroom faucet, replacing missing shingles on the roof and painting a kitchen wall. Because many handymen charge a flat rate and sometimes by the hour, homeowners and businesses can save time and money on home improvement projects by hiring Heavenly Handyman Service LLC that will tackle your To-Do-List with no questions ask at a flat rate that’s within your budget. A service charge from a specialist to come to your home or business could equal or even surpass the cost of hiring a handyman for a few hours.

You're also less likely to be overcharged if your hire a handyman. Unlike a general contractor or specialist who is more likely to price a job based on the estimated amount of time it will take to complete, you only have to pay a handyman for the hours he works, unless you agree on a flat rate. Handymen can keep their rates low because they don't have to pay additional workers, so they have lower overhead costs than contractors or large companies.

Although handymen have less overhead, they do supply their own tools, so there's no need to invest in extra equipment you won't use often or at all. However, you will need to supply the materials.  Heavenly Handyman LLC’s Estimator will design a remodeling and improvement plan that is right for you and in your budget.

There’s no limitations to quality services we can’t and won’t do, at a beatable handyman price, and on budget.


Heavenly Handyman Services LLC's professional can handle virtually any and every home and business repairs, maintenance tasks or home and business improvement.

From our experience in most busy households, there's always something that needs done and not always our customers have the time. Start your next chapter now.


We take great pride in providing renovation services for returning customers and new clients, year after year.  The right blend of excellent customer service, use of quality materials and fair prices has allowed us to keep and attract new customers.